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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is development of such programs that are able to perform tasks requiring human intelligence; such as visual perception speech recognition and translation between languages. To make it more adaptive for data science and programming we can say algorithms enabled by constraint’s exposed to representations that support models targeted at thinking and perception.

Why BSC for AI?

BSC has delivered few successful projects and is currently working on various projects around AI , to name few :- AI Marketing – Solution based on marketing strategies which Calibrates the right price to right customer based on target sales and customer profiling. AI Finance-Solution to trace the unauthorised use of transactions AI HR Solution-Solution based on profile of individual which calibrates the righ profile by recommending right job and recommends the right salaries AI Medical-Prediction drug formulations

Technology Focus

  • Python
  • Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language (AML)
  • LISP
  • Small talk
  • POP II
  • Solution

    One of the largest pharma company uses BSC AI solution for medical formulations.