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What is Big Data?

Businesses today are driven extensively by data. Without big data and Big data analytics companies could be running like a deer on a freeway. Big data describes a holistic information management strategy that includes and integrates many new types of data and data management alongside traditional data. Using Big data helps the decision makers to decide on the basis of evidence rather than intuition.

Why BSC for Big Data?

BSC has delivered various successful projects in Big data implementations. This is provided by one fact that BSC has an ERP AmmERP designed using Big data technologies and is being used by many companies including one of the largest explosive making company

Technology Focus

  • Hadoop
  • MangoDB
  • Apache Pig
  • Apache Spark
  • Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • MongoDB
  • Couchbase.
  • Solar Group is a leading company with the global marketplace in the explosives business. ERP operation , predictive analysis and data storage in form of document management system is done using the big data technology. AmmERP is full grown designed ERP using big data technology to handle streaming data and enable predictive analytics .