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BSC Proposes a Dcore Solution for HANA by BSC to help prospect to take the best out of their existing systems.

Dcore comes with set of ready to user SAP programs which are provided to all our SAP clients to have better insight of few important points which are required to be addressed for HANA Migrations A collection of apps with a simple, easy to use consumer-grade user experience for broadly and frequently used software functions that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Guides with the best options for S4 HANA Migration ,HANA ,DB S4 Finance Conversion
  • Code Optimisation analysis
  • For Those who plan phased Approach BSC offers separate HANA DB Migration Assessment and S4 HANA Assessment
  • Provides you the best sizing solutions to optimise your hardware needs and hence optimise cost
  • Embedded Analytics Solution
  • Ready FIORI Apps