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What is Leonardo IoT Bridge ?

Leonardo IoT Bridge is a cloud based platform aimed to facilitate the link between the torrent of data coming from sensors in the field and business systems functioning inside a firm. Machines operative in various Companies and Fields in the Manufacturing, Automobile, Life sciences, Retail, Infrastructure and Smart City Projects to name a few generate humongous amounts of data about their health and the environment around them via the internet. Leonardo can help ingest, process and make sense of the hordes of IoT data, which can be useful for enhancing and improvising business processes.

Why BSC for IOT?

BSC has delivered various successful projects in IOT Anlytics,IOT Device Management,IOT Networks,IOT Event Streaming Process. This is provided by one fact that BSC’s IOT solution is being used by one of the largest power and distribution company for Machine data analytics through IOT analytics

Technology Focus

  • SAP Leonardo IOT
  • Java
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Swift
  • B#
  • Solution

    One of the largest power and distribution company uses IOT solution of BSC for IOT Analytics of Machine data .