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What is BSC’s Subodh Solution for SAP Fiori and SAP Personas ?

"A robust solution developed with complete set of KPI's for ready to use for analysis by BSC." This solution is based on traditional SAP ECC , S4 HANA and SOH We provide end to end solution for all the implementation of SAP Business intelligence solution with the best KPI's of the industries to help you to analyze business in a better way. Take the best business decision Predefined set of KPI's for each module Delivering around set of 3000 reports KPI's for each business funcial module Automatic data loading mechanism.Ready to use dashboards and Adhoc Reports.

Why BSC for SAP Analytics?

Fozen is a SAP Business Intelligence Solution which has been designed by Globalbsc with a aim to make analysis easy. Help you to take the first step to Analysis with a simplified SAP BI solution. Inbuilt reports and dashboards All functional modules covered All major KPI's covered to analyse Cost benefit. Success stories across globe Proven and tested by companies Return on investment is assured

Technology Focus

  • SAP Design Studio 
  • SAP Lumira 
  • SAP Webi
  • Solution has received Various international recognitions including ICMG award

    One of the Largest Publication house uses SAP Analytical by BSC One of the Largest Chemical company uses SAP analytical solution by BSC

    Subodh Why FIORI

    Subodh comes with set of ready to user SAP Apps for your various business processes to help you reach the next level of mobility and user experience A collection of apps with a simple, easy to use consumer-grade user experience for broadly and frequently used software functions that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Subodh Why FIORI

  • Solution helps you to take first baby steps to mobilitbay
  • Move from Complex transactional based system to simplified role based system
  • Be competitive Improve turnaround