Who We Are..?

We are team of professionals focused on making creative and innovative works

Young and Dynamic team which focuses more on learning and has proven its competance in both Product and Service Industry by achieving few acolades

  • More than 15 ERP Products designed in last few years
  • Amongst First Companies to deploy UX SAP FIORI in India
  • Amongst First Companies to implement SAP Design Studio in India
  • One of the Largest Power distribution companies of the world uses BSC analytics Solution
  • One of the Largest health care companies of the world used SAP UPgrade solution and services
  • One of the Largest power cable making companies of the world user SAP FIORI Solution for channel partner management
  • One of the Largest power cable making companies of the world user BSC's Service Management -iServ product
  • Real competance in IOT Analytics and Data Science
  • Let us be part of your growth Journey.....sales@globalbsc.com

Our Vision

Bindroo Software and Consultant (P) Limited was started with a vision to Simplify and solidify delivery, product and services in order to deliver quality and increased return on investment for our customers.

Who We Are?

BSC is started with a vision to simplify the products,implementation methodology and services in the software world.Visionary has great experience of working with multiple companies across various nations but every time at the work they felt that some how the client is always dependent on person or service provider so started a mission which turned into a name called BSC.

Our aim is to design and align processes of the company to help them become independent of person and solution provider once the implementation is finished.

With this aim our business revolves around six dimensions.They are :

  • Understanding User :

  • Understanding user,Meeting their expectation,adding value to what they want is our prime focus of business.A single smile of user always adds millions to business
  • We Need Speed and Accuracy :

  • This is a changing world of technology and we need to keep the pace with the change. We understand that the delivery not done at the required time is delivery not done at all.
  • Quality Brings Smiles:

  • We don't believe that quality is separate science in the working culture.A work without a quality cannot be called a work so we ensure that our equation for work holds as
    Work = Work + Quality
  • Evil Leads to Death :

  • There is always a big and big death for any evil done in business.So we as a organization have removed this term from our business.We believe that honest foundation always leads to a strong output.
  • We are the People :

  • We believe that our work force is our driving force for the business. Their development and their growth leads to the growth of organization.
  • Find Better Version of Best :

  • We always strive hard to find the best for our client and we always like to research more for the better version of best.