Add Digital Signature to SAP

SimpSIGNDigitally Signature in SAP.

Digital Signature Tool: SimpSign assists brands worldwide in going green by reducing paper usage and digitally signing all SAP documents.

Digital Signature

Here is how SAP Digital Signature Tool (SimpSign) Helps you .


BSC Global FingerprintNo external tool or technology involved


Trees Saved from Cutting.


Brands Signing documents in SAP HANA , ECC and now RISE


Less paper used in companies after SimpSign is used

SAP Operations By BSC GlobalNo Third party Sharing of data involved

Server Operations By BSC GlobalNo external license involved


Saving on license expenditure


Less implementation time


Cost Saving compare to any other Digital Signature tool for SAP

API Enabled

Developed with Rest APIs to connect with SAP or any Other ERP.

Workflow & O365

Ability to Integrate with O365 for viewing documents and signing from Mobile, Tab or System.


Comprehensive audit trail and logs as well as a repository of signed files is maintained on the signature server.

Server Based Sign

Company’s PKI-based signature certificates including HSM-based certificates can be used for signing.

Scalable & Reliable

Highly scalable, Supports high signature volumes. Ability to handle High Volume Documents.

Serverless Architecture

Can be Hosted On-Premise. Developed on Serverless Architecture Model to minimize Infra Set Up.

Better than other Digital Signature Tools.

FeaturesSimpSIGNSAP OPEN TEXTOther Third Party
Implementation TimeDaysCan be MonthsCan be Months
Is data fetched to Other SoftwareWithin your ERP system onlyOnly SAP landscapeExternal tool fetches data from Your SAP
IntegrationIts within SAP Integration is requiredIntegration is required
Cost of ImplementationLowestComparatively HighAverage
Cost of MaintenanceLowestComparatively HighAverage


India’s largest Paper making company reduces its own paper usage with BSC GLOBAL’s SIMPSIGN. All Invoices and other legal documents directly signed with SIMPSign in SAP.

documentS digitally signed within SAP Both manual and Automatically .

Fast Deployment and Mass Signing of documents

Both Manual and Automatic signing and sending them in mail

Auto signing invoices post IRN is updated in system

Get the Digital Signature of SAP Documents done in a simplified way with an easy to deploy solution. We can sign and validate business critical documents in a phase when we are already going more and more digital. Go PAPERLESS and GO DIGITAL with this simplify solution. Organizations must make sure that they offer digital signature solutions that adhere to the relevant rules and regulations applicable to each party since electronic signatures (also known as “e-signatures”) frequently now have the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. Additionally, these solutions are anticipated to enable both custom and ad hoc use cases, flexible workflows, connectivity with third-party business applications, and ad hoc use case support.

What is DSC?

Digital Signatures are electronic “Finger Prints”.Every document in company goes through a hard print which involves dispatch , printing and paper expense. It involves manual steps to get these operations done. With digital signature we allow customers to sign the SAP Documents in a secure way and thus automate all steps to dispatch the document to right target once its verified by Valid and authorized source.

How does it Help ?

  • No additional License
  • Interface within Your existing SAP system
  • 5 Day Implementation Time
  • Authorized Document tracking
  • Saves Cost on Paper, dispatch and human efforts
  • Automatic with less manual interference

How is this Implemented?

Within just 4 steps in a week to make the Digital Signature up and running BSC Global has created a solution which has helped many to derive the value out of business.

Master complexity, conquer risk

Elevate your governance game : Precision, protection, performance

Where control meets agility, where compliance breeds confidence

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Q1 . Can SAP Audit transactions be automated to be updated in SAP ?

Yes with Simp Audit you can have real time update of any authorisation transaction miss in system, it can be automated to give the alert for any risks which are arising in system

Q2.Do we need any hardware set up for simpAudit?

No , its not required as SimpAudit is addon for your SAP system