Add Digital Signature to SAP

Add Digital Signature to SAP

Get the Digital Signature of SAP Documents done in a simplified way with an easy to deploy solution. We can sign and validate business critical documents in a phase when we are already going more and more digital. Go PAPERLESS and GO DIGITAL with this simplify solution

Digital Signature by BSC global

What is Digital Signature

Digital Signatures are electronic “Finger Prints”.Every document in company goes through a hard print which involves dispatch , printing and paper expense. It involves manual steps to get these operations done. With digital signature we allow customers to sign the SAP Documents in a secure way and thus automate all steps to dispatch the document to right target once its verified by Valid and authorized source.

How does it Help ?

  • No additional License
  • Interface within Your existing SAP system
  • 5 Day Implementation Time
  • Authorized Document tracking
  • Saves Cost on Paper, dispatch and human efforts
  • Automatic with less manual interference

How is this Solution Implemented?

Within just 4 steps in a week to make the Digital Signature up and running BSC Global has created a solution which has helped many to derive the value out of business.

ICMG puts our Customer in one the best analytics solutions users in the world.

Amazon AWS reports our Solutions as 70% reporting performance solution