Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. It creates unique opportunities for businesses BY Increasing business efficiency and productivity to deliver better customer experiences. We at BSC understand the ever-evolving IoT landscape. With BSC Global IOT solution tailored to your unique business needs, Our IOT services help right strategy by identifying your enterprise’s IoT readiness and determining the most effective way to collect, analyze and connect with data. Let’s join today with BSC 

Achieving a seamless data migration while upgrading an existing ERP environment to SAP has always been a sticking point for global enterprises. Organizations have doubts about accounting for a large transactional load in SAP and often worry about having to hire more manpower to manage data. Underlying this scenario are problems with increased latency that prevent agility from responding to market opportunities and rising costs. These drivers are forcing organizations to look beyond cord cutters and embrace new digital technologies to support their transition to SAP.
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Why BSC Global for IoT Services?


Adoption and Analysis

Bringing Value with IOT BSC automated Data Collection and Processing with IOT Cloud, Smart and enhanced supply chain with SAP, Real-Time Monitoring of WM Management, Remote-Facility Vendor Management, BSC has delivered Iot Enabled SAP Predictive Analytics, Personalize offering and prediction for various clients to help them to act for the analysis.

A Smart IoT Enabled SAP-empowered business will take your operational processes to the next level of connectivity and intelligence. We believe in fast track and active mode of possibility identification phase by combining our industry knowledge with cutting-edge technologies.


Analyzing All Major KPI’s for Operational Analytics


Many Successful Go Live

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful Insight across the globe in Our IoT services aim to deliver Insightful Data, Monitoring & Tracking, Predictive and Cognitive Analytics & Increase efficiency

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Business process automation isn’t a solely process-centric effort anymore. A truly resilient and self-improving enterprise takes automation to all business areas from operations to people, culture, the integration of systems, to guarantee its success over time with IoT technology.


UiPath Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with UI Path 
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for UI Path
  • UI Path Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

BluePrism RPA Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with BluePrism 
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for BluePrism
  • BluePrism Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

Automation Anywhere Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with Automation Anywhere
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

Shared Service Centers get automated with IoT Solutions

Automated data collection and processing

IoT has a differentiated ability to incorporate intelligence into the SAP environment. This technology highlights the use of sensors in various areas of business for real-time reporting. Organizations use these insights to free up employees’ time for analysis and decision-making and reduce workload through automated data collection and processing. So the consensus is clear – IoT is significantly transformative to enable intelligent data environments inside SAP and amplify business outcomes at scale.

Real-Time Monitoring and Asset Management

Enterprise environments are increasingly complex and constantly exposed to constantly evolving threats. An operational vulnerability, if not properly mitigated, could result in unprecedented business loss. Businesses are therefore rapidly moving to take advantage of great SAP and IoT systems together to enable real-time monitoring – more specifically of machine health and performance metrics. By tracking assets and extracting actionable information, organizations can gain a continuous view of business processes, correlate events and detect anomalies before they occur. They can anticipate impending failures and performance outages and act immediately to prevent disruptions and cost overruns.

Simplified business processes

Access 10+ disparate systems, process instructed synergy of SAP and IoT has manifested itself in all sorts of signs of growth for businesses and enables an endless number of disruptive business models. With IoT in action, organizations can collect and analyze massive amounts of data to separate meaningful insights from the noise. This, in turn, can help them anticipate trends and behaviors in the digital world and reinvent their business processes to address disruption head-on. Trends can be aligned with their growth strategies to handle upcoming innovations and keep the business viable.

Remote device management

The integration of IoT with SAP has brought new possibilities to streamline remote device management and can help businesses achieve the status of fully functional intelligent enterprises. This technology, as we know, enables advanced data environments that break down silos and connect remote operations for unparalleled insights. As a result, factory visibility can be improved and businesses can continuously identify performance behaviors, anticipate what lies ahead and prevent risks. They can keep aging inventory under control, optimize cost consumption, meet changing compliance standards, and avert security breaches—with ease and precision.


Q1 . What is full form of RPA and what RPA means?

Robotic process automation (RPA), also known as software robotics, uses intelligent process automation technologies to perform repetitive office tasks of human workers.

Q2. What are automation bots in RPA?

Within RPA, software robots, commonly referred to as bots, automate repetitive tasks that employees perform each day. Bot automation relies on software robots to interact with applications, systems, and workflows, streamlining a wide-range of business processes without human intervention.

Q3 . Can we use RPA in IT process automation?

RPA is a big part of Intelligent Automation. Connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies (like machine learning and natural language processing) with RPA software is what makes it “intelligent”. Intelligent Automation works for many—and more complex—business process automation scenarios than RPA alone.