IT Service Management Made Easy with the Simple Approach

IT Service Management Modernised

Efficient ticketing , Raise ticket with email, Team Comparisons , Clientr Rating,Integrate with SAP and Non SAP , Indent Management  change management and analytics

Largest Health Care Company : 70 % time reduced for onboarding of new vendor

Finolex gets 20% saved through post service management

EMCO reduces the vendor comparison cycle by 80%

BSC Global's SPROJ

Why Choose BSC Global for IT Service Management?

One Stop

All Major Technologies and Domains covered for Analytics Consulting Services

At BSC GLOBAL we ensure that you can get the right consulting services for all for automation and Digital Transformation covering all technologies covering Block Chain, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big data , ERP , CRM, SRM with their implementation , Support and Upgrade services .

BSC Gloabal's one stop solution


Expertise in handling Global Customers for all Major Industries

Have a strong steam team of Software Consulting Services , BSC Global has experience of handling more than 200 plus Software Consulting Services across world in various domains of business . Helping customers to take the real value of various technologies including SAP , Oracle, Microsoft , BSC has been striving hard to deliver the best by handling your systems in simple way.



Fortune 500 companies getting their Digital Roadmap Set through our Services

At BSC Global we believe in retentions of customers and today because of our technologies expertise and our commitment we have strong global customer base including 100 Year old companies who are getting support in all major verticals of Digital Transformation and automation

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100 Year Old Customer

Largest Ice-cream maker in world

Largest Health Care

How BSC Global Can help you with IT Service Management?


Adoption and Reachability

Simplified Adoption of IT Service management and other ERP users. BSC Global brings business understanding for the relevant business processes which can automate various Service management processes and help you to track the right incident and change request for right service or material needs .Its available on cloud and with just 6 days of adoption cycle you can begin your vendor management software.

Its been observed that clients just have to mail and its validation time to time takes lot of efforts for the core team. The self service option for vendors and system based Artificial Intelligence which checks time to time the validity of ticket that we are interacting the updated information of vendors which is managed by them only

Self Service

And Plan the business


Many Successful Go Lives

With Iserve you empower your business to find the right vendor for you product or service needs with the easy rating and search options. You can rate around 10 parameters of each and compare them to get the right vendor for your needs.

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful implementations across the globe in Analytics and advance BSC delivers some of the finest analytics insight for bench marking , rating and analytics of various KPI’s of Vendor management


Business to get the right vendor for service and product

Why Choose Global BSC for IT Service management Software?


Company to Implement VM

BSC Global has been delivering the fastest deployments in various ERP areas including Vendor Management software India. It a ready to deploy for SAP customers who want to connect their ERP for Efficient vendor management. For other ERP users we bring the efficient process and insights to customize as per their needs


Effective Solutions

The software has been the most cost effective solution for adoption on cloud. With the minimum deployment cost you can just begin the most cost effective solution on cloud . User based license allows you to deliver the best options.


Cost Reduction in Service management

Its been observed that BSC Global Vendor Management Sofware iServe has reduced the cost of vendor management for clients by minimum 40 percent . Thus helping business to get the real value from the deployment.

Award Winning Solutions

Top 10

Awarded amongst top 10 Vendor management Software for SAP Customers


Artificial Intelligence Based software -By Klicks


Security audit of the software suggests that its the most secure architecture


Q1 . Can you tell little bit about SAP Integration with iServe Vendor Management Software ?

With all built interfaces and workflows in place its each to integrate Vendor Management software for SAP customers

Q2. Is this free Vendor Management Software download?

Yes, its a free vendor management software if you are small enterprise .

Q3 . Is it vendor management software for Small business?

Its for both small and large enterprises with successful case studies in all types of enterprises its the best for adoption.

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