Predictive Analytics Sales using Holt Winters Scientific Algorithm

Predictive Analytics -From Sense and Respond to Predict and Act

Predictive Analytics is tool which has various statistical Techniques , scientific algorithms from Data Mining, predictive modelling and machine learning which analyses takes in consideration both the current and historical data points to make predictions or highlight events. In our Predictive Analytics Service portfolio we help customers to understand and define the business case for Predictive analytics using various solutions like SAP Predictive Analytics, R language and R language with Microsoft Power BI. With a proven experience and competence as Predictive Analytics service provider BSC has helped customer in road map designing , finding out the business areas using Advanced Analytics Services where the value can be created. We have delivered finest implementations which have helped customer in prediction, forecasting and optimisation.

Various business cases like Predicting customer churn, parts which can fail,identify fraudulent activity- Forecast Inventory Demands, Network Performance , segment order and so on. Helping Sales in customer acquisition , helping Operations in predictive maintenance , helping finance in cash flow and forecasting and so on.

How BSC Global can help you with Predictive Analytics


Improved conversion rate for cross-sell

Predictive AI Analytics Solutions for finding the right churn of customers and focusing on the targeted campaigns . Helping Lead Scoring, Product recommendations . Sound experience of using R- Language and integration with SAP Predictive Analytics and Microsoft Power BI , Power BI Predictive Analytics, Predictive Data Analytics. Predictive Machine Learning Analytics. BSC Global has simplified Predictive Analytics using R language .

R language


Improved Productions by checking impact of seasons

BSC has integrated Holt Winters Algorithm to help companies to find the right production need due to the impact of seasons and old history of trends giving the right indication for required Production needs.


Why Choose BSC Global for SAP Predictive Analytics

BSC innovation center has created multiple ready to use algorithms


BSC’s Solution which can Simplifying the Predictions and Forecasting

PreMagic is a BSC’s propriety solution which has been designed to gain actionable insight into your existing data sets which may include customer, market, finance and so on to derive better decision and better business results. This includes the algorithms which are ready to use for various predictions.

It helps you to anticipate emerging trends and make clear
decisions for better outcomes and thus minimizing risks

We have expertise in implementing predictive analytics in R – Language and SAP Predictive analytics in various projects , with the power of S4 HANA Embedded Analytics , we have been able to derive the real connection, prescriptive analytics and presentation of data in front end for various predictive algorithms.

Implemented Churn Algorithms, Regression models , Clustering and various other models

Predictive Models

Ready to deploy Predictive Models


Simplified and clear visualization

BSC has helped customer take the best possible approaches of using predictive analytics through Microsoft Power BI visualization tools for R Language. Internal competence which has been working in predictive Analytics Research for better model creations for customer has really been able to achieve ROI for customers.


Q1 . What is R -Language?

Its a programming language for Statistical Computing and Graphics.

Q2. What is Predictive Analytics?

It’s defined as the use of statistics and modeling techniques to determine future performance based on current and historical data.

Q3. How can SAP Predictive Analytics help in comparison to other tools

It has ready to build algorithms and models which can be used, interface to connect with R -language and also a good visualization and data discovery front end.

Q4. In what areas of Predictive Analytics is BSC working?

BSC works in Predictive data management, Predictive modeling, Predictive Scoring, Predictive network and link analysis and predictive model management.

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