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With a proven track record of delivering the Analytics in various analytics tools, BSC Global as a Microsoft Power BI Service provider has ensured that clients get the real insight in data using their solutions . For Microsoft Power BI implementations and support We help to build New strategy and road-map for adoption of Analytics , We deliver our Solutions for various executive roles in company including CFO Analytics, CEO Analytics and CTO Analytics , We Connect with back end systems including Microsoft Navision , SAP and other ERP’s , We help in building real time analytics for operational systems.

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Covering end to end Microsoft Power BI Services right from Road Map designing to modernization and migrations. We help our partners to adopt, Innovate, Realize and Analyse their data with MS Power BI with simplified solutions and approaches of Business Intelligence to help in making the right strategy for your business. We deliver all types of solutions

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Microsoft Power BI Mobile
  • Microsoft Power BI Saas
  • Microsoft Power BI Premium
  • Microsoft Power BI Servers
  • Microsoft Power BI with SAP HANA

How our Microsoft Power BI Services helps You?


Adoption and Analysis

Simplified Adoption for customer with ready to deploy Dashboard Templates Solutions in various modules. BSC Global brings business understanding for the relevant KPI’s which are monitored to help you with the right mapping of Analytics for business .Microsoft Power BI has been delivered in simplified form for integrations of various source systems to get data from universal systems. We have simplified Microsoft Power BI Services by bringing various ready to deploy solutions to complement the implementations

We deliver all types of project and all Microsoft Power BI tool of Microsoft Business Intelligence right from Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Microsoft Power BI Mobile, Power BI Data Analytics, Microsoft Power BI Embedded, Microsoft Power BI Reports Server Microsoft Power BI Analytics, Azure BI, Microsoft Power BI Proof of concept. Right from Support , implementation and migration we help customers to handle by being one stop solution for Microsoft Business intelligence.

One Stop

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Many Successful Go Live

Having a sound knowledge of Delivering more than 200 Ready to use dashboards and reports in Microsoft Power Business Intelligence for operational analytics and strategic analytics. Empowering middle and top management to get the birds eye view of business and help to deep drive in data to find answers for their analytical questions through our Microsoft Power BI Solutions. We help to plan, analyze, dig deep and predict various areas of business though these solutions.

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful implementations across the globe in Microsoft Power BI with various ERP ‘s including Microsoft Navision, traditional SAP and modern SAP HANA system . We have young and innovative team of Microsoft Power BI Consultants we deliver the best .


Analyzing All Major KPI’s for Operational Analytics

Why Choose Global BSC for Microsoft Power BI Implementation and Development?


Improved conversion rate for cross-sell

Predictive Analytics Solutions for finding the right churn of customers and focusing on the targeted campaigns . Helping Lead Scoring, Product recommendations . Sound experience of using R- Language and integration with SAP Predictive Analytics and Microsoft Power Business Intelligence , BSC Global has simplified Predictive Analytics using R language . Expertise in building Microsoft Power BI analytics Architecture and experience of using all analytics tools has helped BSC to deliver some of the fastest and finest implementations in world.


Effective Solutions

BSC Global has simplified the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence software implementation and configuration and delivered the apps in mobile platforms


Dashboards Delivered

Have a strong steam which has delivered more than 500 plus dashboards and reports in Implementations across world in various domains of business. Helping customers to take the real value of   Microsoft Power BI Solutions , BSC has been striving hard to deliver the best .

Award Winning Solutions


Q1 . What is Microsoft Power BI ?

It is a Software-as-a-Service ( Saas) which can fetch data from multiple data sources . You can create stories, reports and dashboards without actual data replication as well. You can buy a cloud pay as you go option and connect to your source systems to get visualization and real insight in data.

Q2. How can we get the license of Microsoft Power BI?

You have a option for pay as you use and is a very cost effective way , You can even for the trial run to see the solution or visit

Q3 . How can BSC leverage the Microsoft Power BI and SAP analysis?

BSC has a proven expertise in both the renowned software and their integration in various tools which includes SAP Analysis office, Microsoft Power BI on top of SAP HANA system or SAP Business Warehouses.

ICMG puts our Customer in one the best analytics solutions users in the world.

Amazon AWS reports our Solutions as 70% reporting performance solution

Microsoft Power BI
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Get the real insight of your data with our Microsoft Power BI Solution

Get the real out of your Power BI implementation with our deployment Solution FOzen which is ready to deploy solution with KPI’s and get the real time insight of data with responsive dashboards. Fastest deployment with real time value covering all industries and verticals of business.