SAP Warehouse Management

Simplified Warehouse Management Solution by BSC

SAP Warehouse Management helps you to achieve digitization of Warehouse management by bringing supply chain operational modernization and responsiveness in terms of high warehouse productivity and efficiency, accurate inventory visibility, space utilization, integrated warehousing and logistics, and better customer service.

Covering end to end SAP WM Services right from Road Map designing for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM SAP), Implementation SAP EWM, Upgrade of SAP WM and Migration of SAP EWM On-prem to Cloud options etc.

We handle all SAP Warehouse Management Process in On premise Embedded SAP ( Extended ) Warehouse Management System, SAP ewm S/4 HANA systems, De-cental SAP Warehouse Management and On cloud Embedded SAP Warehouse Management solution (SAP WMS Systems).

Inbound Processing

ASN data receiving, validation, correction
Transporation unit mgmt.
Goods receipt
Putaway bin determination
Internal routing
Returns / reverse logistics
Goods receipt optimization
Advanced returns mgmt.

Storage & Operations

Inventory counts / record accuracy
Freight order management
Kit-to stock
RFID Enablement
Packaging specification
Batch management
Serial numbers,Catch weight
Material Flow System
Enhanced Dock Appointment

Outbound Processing

Order deployment
Route determination
Wave management
Picking bin determination
Warehouse order creation
Work assignment
Picking, packing, staging
Loading & goods issue
Manual outbound deliveries
Production supply

How our SAP Warehouse Consultants can help you


Complete Supply Chain with the best solutions

Optimize the movement of Products and materials efficiently and quickly using Digital Supply Chain with proper control of supply chain ranging from inbound , storage and outward process using our ready to deploy SAP Warehouse Management solution.

Automate the movement of materials with proper by getting the QR Code and RF ID devices in place which can track the real time movement of materials in various Warehouse Management Processes


All Major SAP WM Processes


Many Successful Go Lives

Award Winning Solutions in SAP Analytics , BSC has delivered ready to deploy SAP Warehouse Management Analytics through the Dashboards and KPI Builders. Covering all major Warehouse Management processes like Outbound Analysis, Inbound Analysis, Around 30 FIORI apps to leverage the user experience have been added for each process of SAP Warehouse Management by our team.

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful implementations across the globe in SAP W and SAP Extended Warehouse Management for traditional SAP Systems and modern SAP HANA system at BSC we try to deliver the best


Analysing All Major KPI’s of WM

Why Choose BSC Global for SAP Warehouse Management

Happy Clients

BSC has many happy clients across the world….


More Timely Analysis and Action

BSC has helped through its warehouse SAP system solution to act , automate and analyze all processes . With an automation in place for movement of material across the warehouse , alerts for defined thresholds and real KPI highlights our customer have been able to achieve 50% timely action for all the processes.


Cost Reduction

With our Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Extended Warehouse Management module we have been able to help customers with 60% cost reduction in implementations. We bring the fully configured SAP EWM to get it up and running in few days . This SAP Extended Warehouse Management System has all the best practices put in place to give you the industry best standards to go ahead with managing efficiently your Warehouses.


Fiori Apps and Dashboards

Digitized with 100 plus FIORI apps and 15 plush dashboards , along with automation in programs in various SAP Extended Warehouse Management processes, Yard Management.


Q1 . What are different SAP Warehouse Management Processes which BSC focuses ?

BSC has been helping companies to deliver end to end SAP EWM right from core process configuration to automation including RFID Solution, Barcode /QR Code solution for warehouse management with SAP EWM

Q2. What is time line for SAP EWM Implementation?

BSC has implemented BSC’s rapid deployment solution in SAP Extended Warehouse Management for customer in record time of 15 days.

Q3 . How can BSC leverage the SAP EWM 1909 implementation?

BSC has built a ready to deploy solution which also includes Analytics and User experience apps in FIORI to create real value from the implementations.

Q4 .What is material flow system (MFS)?

The material flow system (MFS) enables you to connect up an automatic warehouse to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) without the need for an additional warehouse control unit.

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