Robust CRM Solution to help your business to sell in efficient way

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Simplify CRM Operations with BSC Global’s SimpCRM

SimpCRM is a customer relationship product to take first step to automation where AI algorithms help you to focus on the best contacts and follow ups for business opportunity creation.You can track opportunities, trigger auto mails from the system, reach the right contact with multichannel interfaces

Automate your selling with SimpCRM

Automate the selling by having the Artificial Intelligence (AI)built in system to suggest you based on the logs where you should focus more and where could be more opportunities lying for your business

Forecast Business Trends and sales pipeline

You may like to predict the trends of business and find the right funnel tracking to see where the opportunities are hiding with the right amount of revenue growth plan

Vice President of Cody

SimpCRM has helped us to gain the right growth we were expecting with the help of tool. Being simple to use it has helped our sales team to keep tracking of their leads in efficient way.

Business Benefits

Technical Benefits


Seamless Integration of Business Processess.
Quick ROI
Integrated Strategy Making Tool
Cost Effective
Empower Customer and Supplier
Faster deployment

Big Data database.
Web Based Design.
Access SimpCRM from anywhere.
Save hardware cost.
Save maintenance cost.
Inbuilt reports and dashboards.

In case you want to have a demo system access or you are looking for a online demo just send mail to or raise ticket online.

Adapt the right fit solution for your business by selecting the right option

Small Shirt

Basic Feature CRM with 10 Dollar/User/Month

10 Dollar/User/Month

Medium Shirt

Full Feature CRM with 15 Dollar/User/Month

15 Dollar/User/Month

Large Shirt

AI and Campaign with full feature + unlimited user