Dcore SAP HANA Migration

Are you Using SAP HANA and still feel that it is not used to its fullest?Find Out how we can achieve more…

Bring Power of Predictions
Add value of analytics through Embedded
Cover all operational approvals through mobiles
Give Middle management the access to perform operational analytics
Check how the ageing of inventory is simplified to get more insight at real time
Find out how a CFO can check company health at just one place
Supply chain management and Analysis has never been so easy

Dcore Comes with ready to use Programs

DCore comes with set of ready to user SAP programs which are provided to all our SAP clients to have better insight of few important points which are required to be addressed for HANA Migrations.

Dcore Saves Money

Guides with the best options for S4 HANA Migration , HANA DB,S/4 Finance , Conversion?
Code Optimisation analysis
For Those who plan phased Approach GlobalBSC offers separate HANA DB Migration Assessment and S4 HANA Assessment
Provides you the best sizing solutions to optimize your hardware needs and hence optimize cost


DCore – Cut up to 60% Cost and improve 70% in reporting SAP S/4 HANA migration

Dcore helps you to find the best approach for migrating to HANA which helps to optimise cost and helps you to get the best out of HANA systems .Cloud Migrations on AWS have never been so easy.Published this as one of the successful case Study Read More