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We help you with with end to end process mapping up to Modernization and Digitalization in warehouse management.

We help you to achieve digitisation of Warehouse management by bringing supply chain operational modernization and responsiveness in terms of high warehouse productivity and efficiency, accurate inventory visibility, space utilization, integrated warehousing and logistics, and better customer service through our approach and solutions in SAP EWM implementation.

Covering end to end SAP WM Services right from Road Map designing for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM SAP), Implementation SAP EWM, Upgrade of SAP WM and Migration of SAP EWM On-prem to Cloud options etc.

We handle all SAP Warehouse Management Process in On premise  Embedded SAP ( Extended ) Warehouse Management System, SAP ewm S/4 HANA systems, De-centalSAP Warehouse Management and On cloud Embedded SAP Warehouse Management solution (SAP WMS Systems)




Bring your team to connect with our experts to understand your warehouse processes.



Our team will guide through your process and assess things to give you a right road map



Get proof of concept done by us in SAP EWM to start your journey towards Warehousing

If You are confused about adopting the SAP EWM , we help you in three CAT (CONNECT, ASSESS,TRY) approach . To know more book your appointment with our SAP EWM experts directly

100 Year Old Brand’s Trust us in Warehouse Modernisation

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Fast implementation Solution SimpCore

60% Cost Reduction in implementation

SimpCore is fast ready to deploy solution for SAP EWM which is implemented in 10 weeks . All SAP standard functionalities for inbound, internal processes, outbound and staging consumption, production returns and loading

Bird’s Eye View of all KPI’s of Warehouse

Insights in Warehouse with SAP Analytics

Award Winning Solutions in SAP Analytics , we have delivered ready to deploy SAP Warehouse Management Analytics through the Dashboards and KPI Builders. Covering all major Warehouse Management processes like Outbound Analysis, Inbound Analysis

Barcode and Mobility Apps to improve the movement

UI apps for barcode and mobility

Digitized with 100 plus FIORI apps and 15 plush dashboards , along with automation in programs in various SAP Extended Warehouse Management processes, Yard Management.

RFID integrations for supply chain and weigh-bridge

Automate movement in Supply Chain

Automate the movement of materials with proper by getting the QR Code and RF ID devices in place which can track the real time movement of materials in various Warehouse Management Processes

Material flow system (MFS) Solution

Insights in Warehouse with SAP Analytics

Award Winning Solutions in SAP Analytics , we have delivered ready to deploy SAP Warehouse Management Analytics through the Dashboards and KPI Builders. Covering all major Warehouse Management processes like Outbound Analysis, Inbound Analysis

API integration for external applications

External Solutions in Transport and Yard

Solutions to integrate with external application through API based integration for Transport management partner application or extern tools .

Continious Improvement and Support SAP EWM

Our SAP Support = Run SAP + Improvise

Improvise all the processes in system through the proprietary IDA methodology where we focus on stability along with the best practices to improvise and digitise any process in SAP .Our AMS Support Team helps you to fix all the broken areas and give a new road-map in terms of process and technology.
Add the required set of things as per our template for SAP AMS and help you adopting new automation in digital roadmap.

Expertise for Value


SAP Transportation Management & SAP EWM Integration

Game Changer in Logistics

Voice Over Picking & Packing in SAP EWM

Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with Pick By Voice in SAP EWM

Demystifying SAP Yard Management

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BSC GLOBAL has helped it partners to deploy software’s , transform operations, automate business and deliver smiles .

  • Many 100 Year Old brands Trust BSC Global for SAP Support
  • Biggest Health Care Company got its Warehouses Digitalized by BSC
  • World’s Ice-cream maker in world Trusts BSC for Digital Transformation,
  • Finest Engineering Brand Gets SAP Digital Transformation Services ,
  • Massive Bike Making Company in India has SAP Consulting services delivered by BSC Global


Why Choose BSC GLOBAL for SAP EWM Services?

Opting for BSC Global for SAP EWM services is a strategic choice for businesses seeking excellence in extended warehouse management. Our unparalleled expertise in SAP EWM, which goes beyond traditional SAP WM, ensures tailored solutions that align precisely with clients’ warehouse management needs.

Global BSC’s commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in SAP EWM, including EWM HANA, and Our proficiency in areas like decentralized EWM, lean warehouse management, and yard management in SAP EWM, makes them the go-to partner for optimizing warehouse operations. Our dedication to client satisfaction extends to inventory management within the SAP warehouse system, ensuring a holistic approach to SAP WM and EWM modules. With Global BSC’s SAP warehouse management expertise, businesses can unlock the full potential of Our SAP EWM and WM systems.


Q1 . What are different SAP Warehouse Management Processes which BSC focuses ?

BSC has been helping companies to deliver end to end SAP EWM right from core process configuration to automation including RFID Solution, Barcode /QR Code solution for warehouse management with SAP EWM

Q2. What is time line for SAP EWM Implementation?

BSC has implemented BSC’s rapid deployment solution in SAP Extended Warehouse Management for customer in record time of 15 days.

Q3 . How can BSC leverage the SAP EWM 1909 implementation?

BSC has built a ready to deploy solution & along with Analytics & User experience apps in FIORI to create real value from the implementations.

Q4 .What is material flow system (MFS)?

The material flow system (MFS) enables you to connect up an automatic warehouse to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) without the need for an additional warehouse control unit.