Robotics RPA: Our robotic process automation services accelerates digital Transformation of business processes which are adding value by automating them through various RPA software solutions and Services in SAP RPA, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere. Our services and solutions are categorized in three areas namely INTERACT where we build CAI , EXECUTE where we build bot workflows and OPTIMISE where we make use of ML for building self learning bots. With our RPA developers expertise, we are simplifying your RPA journey.

Robotics RPA
Expertise in making chat bots and integrate RPA robots with SAP
Covering end to end Road Map designing to modernization digitalization for automation . We help our partners to adopt, Innovate, Realize and Analyze their Artificial Intelligence journey with simplified solutions and approaches with process automation software to help in modernizing the ERP support and Analytics of data. Read More
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Simplifying Robotics RPA Solution Journey With BSC Global

Finance & Accounting

  • Pricing Changes
  • Account receivables/ payables
  • Credit hold
  • Collections
  • GL/ Journal posting

Human Resources

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Employee Data Management
  • Training & education

Sales & Marketing

  • Data aggregation & management
  • Sales quote automation
  • Market intelligence
  • CRM updates
  • Social media monitoring

Information Technology

  • Server & application monitoring
  • File & Document Management
  • ERP & other system integration
  • Batch processing
  • GL/ Journal posting

Supply Chain

  • Inventory Management
  • Order processing
  • Shipment scheduling & tracking
  • Refunds & returns
  • Freight management

Customer Service

  • Calls & contact center processes
  • Customer data management
  • Service requests & scheduling
  • Renewal notices
  • Customer info & preference updates

Robotics RPA Configuration View

Business process automation isn’t a solely process-centric effort anymore. A truly resilient and self-improving enterprise takes automation to all business areas from operations to people, culture, the integration of systems, to guarantee its success over time with RPA technology.


UiPath Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with UI Path 
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for UI Path
  • UI Path Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

BluePrism RPA Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with BluePrism 
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for BluePrism
  • BluePrism Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

Automation Anywhere Consulting Services

  • SAP Integration with Automation Anywhere
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Supporting for Automation Anywhere
  • Automation Anywhere Implementation
  • Automation Potential analysis
  • Intelligent Process Discovery

Shared Service Centers get automated with Robotics RPA Solutions

Procure to Pay

  • Process invoices with computer vision and connect to multiple backend systems.​
  • Save time, improve accuracy, enforce policy & allocate resources to high value activities.
  • Process invoices with computer vision and connect to multiple backend systems.​
  • Save time, improve accuracy, enforce policy & allocate resources to high value activities.

Access and Bring Data Together

  • Access legacy systems not connected with APIs. ​
  • RPA bot bring together data from disparate systems and generate regular reporting. ​
  • Intelligently determine dissemination based on content status.

Order Fulfillment

Access 10+ disparate systems, process unstructured data, interpret text, make decisions, offer suggestions and track progress in real-time

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Q1 . What is full form of RPA and what RPA means?

Robotic process automation (RPA), also known as software robotics, uses intelligent process automation technologies to perform repetitive office tasks of human workers.

Q2. What are automation bots in RPA?

Within RPA, software robots, commonly referred to as bots, automate repetitive tasks that employees perform each day. Bot automation relies on software robots to interact with applications, systems, and workflows, streamlining a wide-range of business processes without human intervention.

Q3 . Can we use RPA in IT process automation?

RPA is a big part of Intelligent Automation. Connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies (like machine learning and natural language processing) with RPA software is what makes it “intelligent”. Intelligent Automation works for many—and more complex—business process automation scenarios than RPA alone.