With an focus to simplify SAP , BSC has built multiple solutions to simplify the adoption of Legal GST compliance . Covering various areas ranging fromĀ  Implementations to GST in SAP , BSC as ASP , BSC for E invoicing implementation in SAP both manual and automatic .

B GST Simplified for E invoicing and GST returns

BGST is a one integrated solution which comprises of GST compliance approach for GST Returns, validation and data checks. It enables users to meet GST compliance of all category of business like regular dealer, ISD, tax deductor, E-commerce operator, Non-residents

Simplify SAP E invoicing -Manual & Automatic- Solutions powered by B GST

BSC helps you to adopt all rules of E invoicing with both SAP Manual and SAP Automatic solutions for E invoicing . Cost effective services with trained professionals to help you to achieve the legal compliance in a simplified way