GST SAP Connector

BGST Simplifies for GST E invoicing and GST returns

BSC Global, a prominent GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) in India, offers the innovative BGST Tool with SAP Connector for seamless GST services. This advanced tool is designed to integrate effortlessly with SAP systems, providing a comprehensive solution for managing GST compliance. The BGST Tool automates the entire GST process, including invoice generation, return filing, and reconciliation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With real-time data validation, error detection, and correction capabilities, businesses can maintain compliance with regulatory standards effortlessly. The SAP Connector enhances the tool’s functionality by enabling smooth data exchange between SAP systems and GSTN, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors. BSC Global’s BGST Tool with SAP Connector empowers businesses to optimize their GST operations, improve financial accuracy, and ensure timely compliance, backed by expert support and training.

With new additions of e invoicing GST software and e way billing BSC Global covers end to end implementation for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP in terms of having the cockpit build in Customer ERP and making the connection with IRP. Customers have one place to monitor with the appropriate dashboard and analytics in place, they can easily identify returns and success message with the alert mechanism. GST E way billing automation is also part of this solution . Thus BGST acts as one complete solution for all your GST automation needs. Proven track record of implementing this solution at various customer

GST E invoicing