Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission’s (SAP Transformation)

Empowering Excellence: Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission’s Comprehensive SAP Transformation with BSC GLOBAL


  • Introduce Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission Limited as a dynamic player in the power transmission industry.
  • Emphasize the importance of SAP support, analytics implementation, Charm, and Fiori support in enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Provide an overview of Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission’s strategic collaboration with BSC GLOBAL for SAP transformation.

Client Profile:

  • Company Name: Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission Limited
  • Industry: Power Transmission
  • Operations: National and international presence with a diverse product portfolio.
  • Key Focus Areas: SAP Support, SAP Analytics Implementation, SAP Charm Implementation, SAP Fiori Support

Challenges Faced by Kalpatru:

  • Operational Complexity: The multifaceted nature of the power transmission industry demanded intricate and efficient management systems.
  • Data Discrepancies: Disconnected data sources and siloed systems led to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards was paramount.
  • User Experience: The need to enhance user experiences and accessibility for SAP applications was critical.

SAP Transformation Initiatives:

  • Vision and Strategy: Kalpa-Taru envisioned a streamlined, data-driven, and user-friendly SAP ecosystem.
  • SAP Support: BSC GLOBAL provided comprehensive SAP support, ensuring uninterrupted operation of SAP systems.
  • SAP Analytics Implementation: Advanced analytics and data visualization tools were integrated into the SAP landscape.
  • SAP Charm Implementation: The SAP Change Request Management (Charm) system was introduced to manage changes efficiently.
  • SAP Fiori Support: BSC GLOBAL offered Fiori support to enhance user experiences and application accessibility.
  • Data Integration: Disparate data sources were integrated for a holistic view of business operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Robust compliance measures were established to meet industry regulations.

Results and Benefits:

  • Operational Efficiency: The SAP transformation led to improved operational efficiency, streamlined workflows, and faster decision-making.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Real-time data analytics empowered data-driven decision-making and increased agility.
  • User Experience: Fiori support improved user experiences and accessibility.
  • Compliance and Security: The new system ensured compliance with industry regulations and bolstered data security.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced operational costs and enhanced resource utilization contributed to cost savings.

Challenges Overcome:

  • Kalpa-Taru successfully addressed its operational complexities, data discrepancies, compliance challenges, and user experience issues through SAP transformation initiatives.

Lessons Learned:

  • The importance of proactive compliance management and user-centric application development.
  • The value of comprehensive data integration and analytics in optimizing operational efficiency.

Future Directions:

  • Kalpa-Taru plans to explore emerging technologies such as IoT and machine learning to further enhance operational efficiency and data analytics.
  • Continued focus on sustainability and ESG initiatives.


  • Summarize Kalpa-Taru’s comprehensive SAP transformation, emphasizing its impact on operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, user experience, and cost savings.
  • Highlight the role of BSC GLOBAL as a strategic partner in achieving these remarkable outcomes.