Kalyani Forge SAP (UX)

Transforming User Experience: Kalyani Forge’s SAP UX Journey with BSC Global


SAP UX: This case study highlights the successful transformation of user experience (UX) for Kalyani Forge, a leading automotive components manufacturer. Recognizing the importance of an intuitive and user-friendly SAP system, Kalyani Forge partnered with BSC Global, a trusted IT service provider specializing in SAP solutions, to enhance their SAP user experience and drive operational efficiency.

Client Profile:

Company Name: Kalyani Forge

Industry: Automotive Components Manufacturing

Operations: Global presence with multiple manufacturing facilities

Key Focus Area: SAP User Experience Optimization and Process Efficiency

Challenges Faced by Kalyani Forge:

  • Complex and Cumbersome SAP Interface: Kalyani Forge’s SAP system had a complex and outdated user interface, which hindered user productivity and adoption. Users found it challenging to navigate through the system and perform their daily tasks efficiently.
  • High Training Overhead: The existing SAP interface required extensive training for new users and frequent retraining for existing employees. This increased the training overhead and hindered the smooth onboarding of new employees.
  • Inefficient Processes and Workflow: The existing SAP system had manual and time-consuming processes, leading to delays in approvals, suboptimal data entry, and reduced process efficiency. Kalyani Forge sought a solution to streamline processes and improve workflow automation.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

BSC Global proposed a comprehensive solution to address Kalyani Forge’s user experience challenges and optimize their SAP system. The key components of the solution included:

  • UX Assessment and Analysis: BSC Global conducted a thorough assessment of Kalyani Forge’s existing SAP UX, identifying pain points, usability gaps, and opportunities for improvement. This involved user interviews, process analysis, and interface evaluation.
  • UX Design and Customization: BSC Global collaborated with Kalyani Forge’s key stakeholders to design and customize an intuitive and user-friendly SAP UX. This involved revamping the SAP interface, simplifying navigation, and optimizing screen layouts to enhance user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Process Optimization and Workflow Automation: BSC Global identified manual and inefficient processes within Kalyani Forge’s SAP system and proposed workflow automation solutions. This included configuring SAP workflows, implementing approval processes, and integrating with other SAP modules to streamline end-to-end processes.
  • Training and Change Management: BSC Global provided comprehensive training programs and change management support to ensure a smooth transition to the new SAP UX. This included user training sessions, documentation, and ongoing support to address user concerns and facilitate adoption.

Results and Benefits:

  • The SAP UX transformation by BSC Global delivered significant results and benefits to Kalyani Forge:
  • Enhanced User Productivity: The intuitive and user-friendly SAP interface enabled users to navigate the system more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and reduced training overhead. Users could perform their tasks with ease and confidence.
  • Improved User Adoption: The revamped SAP UX, coupled with comprehensive training and change management support, fostered higher user adoption rates. New employees could onboard quickly, and existing users embraced the new interface with minimal resistance.
  • Streamlined Processes and Workflow: The implementation of workflow automation and process optimization improved process efficiency, reduced manual errors, and accelerated approvals. This resulted in faster decision-making, streamlined operations, and reduced process cycle times.
  • Better Data Accuracy: The simplified and intuitive SAP UX reduced data entry errors and improved data accuracy. Users could input data more accurately and validate information easily, ensuring reliable data for decision-making and reporting.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: The improved SAP UX and streamlined processes contributed to higher user satisfaction levels. Users found the system more user-friendly, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement.


The successful SAP UX transformation executed by BSC Global empowered Kalyani Forge to enhance user experience, drive operational efficiency, and improve process effectiveness. The solution delivered an intuitive and user-friendly SAP interface, streamlined processes, workflow automation, and improved data accuracy. BSC Global’s expertise in SAP solutions, user-centric design approach, and meticulous execution played a crucial role in delivering a successful UX transformation, supporting Kalyani Forge’s vision of driving excellence in automotive components manufacturing through a modern and user-friendly SAP environment.