SAP HANA Migration : Enhancing Performance and Efficiency for LT Foods with BSC Global

SAP Hana Migration By BSC Global


SAP HANA Migration: This case study focuses on the successful SAP HANA migration project carried out by BSC Global for its client LT Foods. LT Foods, a leading global player in the rice and food industry, recognized the need for a powerful, scalable, and real-time data processing solution to optimize its operations and drive business growth. BSC Global, a reputable IT service provider specializing in SAP solutions, was entrusted with the task of migrating LT Foods’ existing systems to SAP HANA. The objective was to leverage the advanced capabilities of SAP HANA to enhance performance, improve data analysis, and streamline operations for LT Foods.

Client Profile:

Company Name: LT Foods

Industry: Rice and Food

Scope: Global operations with a vast supply chain network

Existing Systems: Legacy database and SAP ERP system

Challenges Faced by LT Foods:

  • Performance Limitations: The legacy database and ERP system faced performance issues due to growing data volumes, resulting in slow response times and inefficient reporting processes.
  • Data Processing Delays: The existing systems struggled to handle the increasing volume and complexity of data, leading to delays in critical business processes, including procurement, inventory management, and supply chain operations.
  • Limited Real-time Insights: LT Foods lacked the ability to gain real-time insights into their operations, hindering data-driven decision-making and impacting overall business efficiency.
  • Scalability Concerns: As the company expanded globally, the existing systems struggled to scale, impeding business growth and agility.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

  • BSC Global proposed a comprehensive solution centered around migrating LT Foods’ systems to SAP HANA, a high-performance in-memory database and platform. The key components of the solution were as follows:
  • Planning and Assessment: BSC Global conducted a detailed analysis of LT Foods’ existing infrastructure, data architecture, and business processes. This assessment helped identify pain points, define migration goals, and develop a migration strategy tailored to LT Foods’ specific requirements.
  • SAP HANA Migration: BSC Global collaborated closely with LT Foods to execute a seamless migration from the legacy systems to SAP HANA. The migration process involved data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), along with system configuration, testing, and validation to ensure data integrity.
  • Performance Optimization: BSC Global optimized the SAP HANA environment, leveraging its in-memory processing capabilities and advanced analytics capabilities. This included redefining data models, implementing indexing strategies, and fine-tuning system parameters to maximize performance.
  • Real-time Analytics: BSC Global enabled LT Foods to leverage SAP HANA’s real-time analytics capabilities. By harnessing in-memory computing, LT Foods gained access to instant insights and analysis of their operations, enabling faster and more informed decision-making across various business functions.
  • Scalability and Future-readiness: BSC Global ensured that the SAP HANA solution was scalable, capable of accommodating LT Foods’ growing data volumes and expanding operations. This provided the flexibility needed to support the company’s long-term business goals and accommodate future upgrades and enhancements.

Results and Benefits:

The successful SAP HANA migration project delivered significant benefits to LT Foods:

  • Enhanced Performance: LT Foods experienced a significant improvement in system performance and responsiveness. Data processing times were reduced, allowing faster transaction processing and reporting, leading to improved operational efficiency.
  • Real-time Insights: With SAP HANA, LT Foods gained access to real-time data analysis and reporting. This empowered business users to make data-driven decisions promptly, optimize supply chain operations, and respond swiftly to changing market demands.
  • Improved Agility: The scalable nature of SAP HANA allowed LT Foods to expand its operations without compromising system performance. The company could seamlessly adapt to changing