Nerolac SAP (SAP APO Support)

Transforming Supply Chain Planning: SAP APO Support and SAP Migration for Nerolac by BSC Global


SAP APO Support and SAP Migration: This case study showcases the successful engagement between BSC Global and Nerolac, a leading paint manufacturing company, for SAP APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization) support and a roadmap to transition to SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning). Nerolac recognized the need to enhance their supply chain planning capabilities and sought the expertise of BSC Global, a trusted IT service provider specializing in SAP solutions, to optimize their planning processes.

Client Profile:

Company Name: Nerolac Paints Limited

Industry: Paint Manufacturing

Operations: Global presence with multiple locations


Challenges Faced by Nerolac:

  • Limited Planning Capabilities: Nerolac’s existing supply chain planning processes using SAP APO had limitations in terms of scalability, flexibility, and real-time visibility. They needed a more comprehensive and agile planning solution to meet their evolving business needs.
  • Siloed Data and Lack of Integration: Data fragmentation and lack of integration between planning and execution processes hindered seamless decision-making and resulted in delays and inefficiencies in the supply chain.
  • Demand Planning Accuracy: Nerolac faced challenges in accurately forecasting customer demand and aligning it with production and inventory planning. They needed a solution that could provide accurate demand insights and improve forecasting accuracy.
  • Collaborative Planning: The existing planning processes lacked collaboration and coordination among different departments and stakeholders, making it difficult to achieve alignment and optimize planning decisions.
  • Nerolac’s existing legacy system hindered innovation and efficient data management.
  • Data was dispersed across departments, leading to inefficiencies and limited data-driven insights.
  • The legacy system lacked the scalability needed to support Nerolac’s growth ambitions.
  • Maintaining compliance with industry regulations and ensuring data security were critical concerns.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

  • BSC Global provided a comprehensive solution that involved SAP APO support and a roadmap to transition to SAP IBP, aligning with Nerolac’s supply chain planning goals. The key components of the solution included:
  • SAP APO Support and Optimization: BSC Global conducted an assessment of Nerolac’s existing SAP APO system, including system configuration, master data, and planning processes. Based on the assessment, BSC Global provided ongoing support, optimization, and performance tuning of the SAP APO system to maximize its capabilities.
  • Roadmap to SAP IBP: BSC Global collaborated closely with Nerolac to define a roadmap for the transition from SAP APO to SAP IBP. This involved understanding Nerolac’s business objectives, current pain points, and future requirements. The roadmap outlined the migration strategy, timeline, and key milestones for a successful transition.
  • Data Integration and Master Data Management: BSC Global worked with Nerolac to streamline and integrate data across various systems, including SAP APO and SAP ERP. This ensured a single source of truth for planning and enabled better data visibility and accuracy.
  • Demand Planning Enhancement: BSC Global implemented advanced demand planning techniques and algorithms within SAP APO to improve forecasting accuracy. This involved leveraging historical data, market trends, and demand sensing techniques to generate more accurate demand forecasts.
  • SAP IBP Implementation: BSC Global assisted Nerolac in the implementation of SAP IBP, a cloud-based supply chain planning solution. This included system configuration, master data setup, process mapping, and integration with other SAP systems. The implementation aimed to address the limitations of SAP APO and provide enhanced planning capabilities.
  • Collaborative Planning and Integration: BSC Global facilitated collaborative planning processes by implementing tools and workflows within SAP IBP. This enabled cross-functional collaboration, data sharing, and alignment of planning decisions among different departments and stakeholders.

Results and Benefits:

  • The SAP APO support and roadmap to IBP provided significant benefits to Nerolac:
  • Improved Supply Chain Planning: The support and optimization of SAP APO enhanced Nerolac’s supply chain planning capabilities, including demand planning
  • The migration to SAP S/4HANA modernized Nerolac’s IT infrastructure, enhancing its capabilities and scalability.
  • Streamlined processes led to improved operational efficiency and productivity gains.
  • Nerolac gained real-time access to data, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • The new system ensured compliance with industry regulations and bolstered data security.
  • SAP S/4HANA’s scalability aligned with Nerolac’s growth aspirations.