Unlocking Enhanced Functionality and Performance: SAP Upgrade for KDDL by BSC Global

SAP Upgrades For KDDL BT BSC Global


This case study highlights the successful SAP upgrade undertaken by BSC Global for KDDL Limited, a leading provider of premium watches and precision engineering solutions. Recognizing the need for improved functionality, performance, and compliance with the latest SAP features, KDDL engaged BSC Global, a trusted IT service provider with extensive expertise in SAP upgrades, to execute the upgrade project.

Client Profile:

Company Name: KDDL Limited

Industry: Watches and Precision Engineering

Operations: Global presence with multiple locations

Existing SAP Version: SAP ECC (Enterprise Core Component)

Challenges Faced by KDDL:

  • Outdated Functionality: KDDL’s existing SAP ECC version lacked the latest features and enhancements provided by newer SAP releases. This limited the company’s ability to leverage advanced functionalities and best practices in their business operations.
  • Performance Limitations: The legacy SAP system faced performance bottlenecks and scalability challenges, impacting system responsiveness and hindering KDDL’s ability to handle growing data volumes and transaction loads.
  • Compliance Requirements: KDDL sought to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and data security standards. Upgrading to a newer SAP version would provide enhanced security features and ensure adherence to compliance requirements.
  • Improved User Experience: KDDL desired a modern and intuitive user interface that would enhance user productivity and satisfaction, driving overall operational efficiency.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

  • BSC Global proposed a comprehensive solution centered around the upgrade of KDDL’s SAP system, encompassing the following key components:
  • Upgrade Assessment: BSC Global conducted a thorough assessment of KDDL’s existing SAP landscape, including the system architecture, customizations, and integration points. This evaluation identified potential risks, impact areas, and upgrade strategies specific to KDDL’s requirements.
  • SAP Upgrade Planning and Strategy: BSC Global collaborated with KDDL to define an upgrade strategy that aligned with their business objectives and timelines. This included identifying the target SAP version, establishing a project roadmap, and outlining the necessary technical and functional upgrades.
  • System Upgrade Execution: BSC Global led the execution of the SAP upgrade project, managing all technical aspects of the process. This involved system backup, system downtime planning, data migration, functional and technical testing, and post-upgrade validation to ensure data integrity and system stability.
  • Functional Enhancements: BSC Global worked closely with KDDL to leverage the new functionalities and features available in the upgraded SAP version. This included implementing industry-specific best practices, optimizing business processes, and incorporating customized enhancements to align the system with KDDL’s unique requirements.
  • User Interface Enhancement: BSC Global implemented a modern and intuitive user interface to improve the overall user experience. This included adopting SAP Fiori, a user-friendly and responsive design framework, to enhance user productivity and streamline business workflows.
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: BSC Global provided comprehensive training sessions to familiarize KDDL’s users with the upgraded SAP system and its enhanced functionalities. This ensured a smooth transition and empowered users to maximize the benefits of the upgraded system.

Results and Benefits:

  • The SAP upgrade project delivered significant outcomes for KDDL:
  • Enhanced Functionality: KDDL gained access to the latest SAP features and enhancements, enabling the adoption of best practices and improved business processes. This resulted in increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improved Performance and Scalability: The upgraded SAP system provided better performance and scalability, allowing KDDL to handle increased transaction volumes and data growth seamlessly. This facilitated smoother business operations and improved user satisfaction.
  • Compliance Adherence: The upgraded SAP version ensured compliance with industry-specific regulations and data security standards, providing KDDL with enhanced security features and peace of mind.
  • Modern User Interface: The implementation