Accelerating Business Transformation: SAP EHP Upgrade for KORES by BSC Global

SAP EHP Upgrades For Kores


SAP Upgrades: This case study highlights the successful SAP EHP (Enhancement Package) upgrade undertaken by BSC Global for KORES, a leading diversified business conglomerate. Recognizing the need to leverage the latest SAP functionalities and improve system performance, KORES partnered with BSC Global, a trusted IT service provider specializing in SAP solutions, to execute the SAP EHP upgrade. The upgrade enabled KORES to enhance business processes, improve operational efficiency, and achieve a competitive edge in their industry.

Client Profile:

Company Name: KORES

Industry: Diversified Conglomerate

Operations: Global presence with diverse business verticals

Key Focus Area: SAP Solutions and Operational Excellence

Challenges Faced by KORES:

  • Outdated SAP Version: KORES was operating on an older version of SAP, limiting their access to the latest features, functionalities, and performance enhancements offered by newer SAP releases. This hindered their ability to drive innovation, streamline processes, and keep pace with evolving business requirements.
  • Inefficient Business Processes: The existing SAP version lacked certain process improvements and optimizations available in the newer EHP releases. KORES faced challenges in optimizing their business processes, resulting in inefficiencies, manual workarounds, and delays in critical operations.
  • Performance and Stability Issues: The outdated SAP version experienced performance bottlenecks and stability issues, impacting system responsiveness and hindering productivity. KORES sought a solution to enhance system performance, ensure stability, and deliver a seamless user experience to their employees.
  • Compliance and Security: KORES recognized the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest SAP patches and security enhancements to ensure compliance and protect their critical business data. They aimed to mitigate security risks and enhance data protection through the SAP EHP upgrade.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

  • BSC Global proposed a comprehensive SAP EHP upgrade solution to address KORES’ challenges and deliver tangible business benefits. The key components of the solution included:
  • Assessment and Planning: BSC Global conducted a thorough assessment of KORES’ existing SAP landscape, including systems, modules, and customizations. Based on the assessment findings, BSC Global developed a detailed upgrade plan, outlining the scope, timeline, resource requirements, and potential risks associated with the upgrade project.
  • Upgrade Execution: BSC Global collaborated closely with KORES to execute the SAP EHP upgrade. This involved upgrading the SAP system to the latest EHP release, applying necessary patches and updates, and addressing any system-specific customizations or configurations. BSC Global followed industry best practices and SAP guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: BSC Global conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance activities to validate the upgraded SAP system’s functionality, performance, and stability. This included unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing to ensure that the upgraded system met KORES’ specific requirements and business processes.
  • User Training and Change Management: BSC Global provided comprehensive user training programs to familiarize KORES’ employees with the upgraded SAP system and any changes in functionalities. Change management activities were also undertaken to facilitate a smooth transition and maximize user adoption of the new system.
  • Performance Optimization: BSC Global optimized the upgraded SAP system to enhance performance and system responsiveness. This involved fine-tuning system parameters, optimizing database configurations, and implementing performance improvement measures recommended by SAP.

Results and Benefits:

  • The SAP EHP upgrade delivered significant results and benefits to KORES:
  • Enhanced Functionality and Efficiency: The upgrade to the latest EHP release empowered KORES with access to enhanced functionalities, process improvements, and optimized business processes. This enabled KORES to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and align their SAP system with industry best practices.
  • Improved System Performance and Stability: The upgraded SAP system exhibited improved performance and stability, ensuring faster response times, smoother operations, and increased productivity for KORES’ employees. The stability enhancements minimized system downtime and improved overall system availability.
  • Compliance and Security: By upgrading to the latest EHP release, KORES achieved improved compliance and security. The upgraded system incorporated the latest SAP patches and security enhancements, mitigating potential risks and safeguarding critical business data.
  • Seamless User Experience: The upgraded SAP system provided a seamless user experience, with enhanced user interfaces, intuitive navigation, and improved system responsiveness. This led to increased user satisfaction, accelerated adoption of the SAP system, and improved user productivity.
  • Future-readiness and Scalability: The SAP EHP upgrade positioned KORES for future growth and scalability. The upgraded system offered flexibility to accommodate evolving business requirements, integrate with emerging technologies, and support KORES’ long-term strategic initiatives.


The successful SAP EHP upgrade executed by BSC Global empowered KORES to leverage the latest SAP functionalities, streamline business processes, and enhance operational efficiency. The upgrade delivered improved system performance, stability, compliance, and security. KORES gained a competitive edge by aligning their SAP system with industry best practices and positioning themselves for future growth. BSC Global’s expertise in SAP solutions, meticulous planning, and seamless execution played a pivotal role in delivering a successful SAP EHP upgrade for KORES, supporting their business transformation journey and ensuring operational excellence.