ZEE SAP (SAP Support)

Ensuring Uninterrupted SAP Operations: Ongoing SAP Support for Zee by BSC Global


SAP Support: This case study highlights the successful implementation of ongoing SAP support for Zee, a prominent media and entertainment company. Recognizing the criticality of a reliable SAP system and continuous support, Zee partnered with BSC Global, a trusted IT service provider specializing in SAP solutions. The goal was to ensure the seamless functioning of their SAP environment, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize the value of their technology investment.

Client Profile:

  • Company Name: Zee
  • Industry: Media and Entertainment
  • Operations: National and international presence with diverse media channels
  • Key Focus Area: Ongoing SAP Support

Challenges Faced by Zee:

  1. System Stability and Performance: Zee faced occasional system disruptions and performance issues within their SAP environment. They required a dependable support system to ensure consistent system performance and minimize disruptions to their media operations.
  2. Technical Expertise: Zee lacked in-house technical expertise to address complex SAP challenges. They needed access to skilled SAP professionals who could provide timely solutions and recommendations for technical issues.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: As a media company, Zee needed to ensure that their SAP system adhered to industry-specific regulations and compliance standards.
  4. Ongoing System Maintenance: Zee aimed to optimize their SAP system by implementing updates, patches, and enhancements. They sought a partner who could provide strategic guidance and continuous support for system maintenance.

Solution Offered by BSC Global:

BSC Global delivered comprehensive ongoing SAP support to address Zee’s challenges and optimize their SAP environment. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Proactive System Monitoring: BSC Global implemented a proactive monitoring system to identify and resolve potential issues within Zee’s SAP environment. This included continuous system monitoring, incident management, and performance optimization.
  2. Technical Support and Expertise: BSC Global provided a dedicated team of skilled SAP professionals to address Zee’s technical challenges. They offered timely support, implemented solutions for technical issues, and provided recommendations for system optimization.
  3. Compliance and Security: BSC Global ensured that Zee’s SAP system adhered to industry-specific regulations and security standards. They implemented data privacy measures, maintained security protocols, and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Ongoing System Maintenance: BSC Global offered continuous support for system maintenance, including implementing updates, patches, and enhancements. This allowed Zee to optimize their SAP system for improved performance and functionality.

Results and Benefits:

The ongoing SAP support engagement by BSC Global delivered significant results and benefits to Zee:

  1. Enhanced System Stability: The proactive system monitoring and incident management provided by BSC Global ensured the stability and performance of Zee’s SAP environment. This resulted in reduced downtime, minimized disruptions, and improved operational efficiency.
  2. Expert SAP Support: BSC Global’s team of skilled SAP professionals provided timely and reliable support for technical challenges. This empowered Zee to resolve issues promptly and maximize the value of their SAP system.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Zee’s SAP system remained compliant with industry-specific regulations and security standards due to BSC Global’s compliance measures and security protocols.
  4. Ongoing System Optimization: With BSC Global’s continuous support, Zee could implement updates, patches, and enhancements to optimize their SAP system’s performance and functionality.
  5. Cost Savings and Resource Optimization: Outsourcing SAP support to BSC Global allowed Zee to achieve cost savings and optimize their resources. They could focus on core business activities while relying on BSC Global for SAP system management.


The partnership between Zee and BSC Global in providing ongoing SAP support resulted in enhanced system stability, expert SAP support, regulatory compliance, and continuous system optimization. BSC Global’s expertise in SAP solutions and their commitment to delivering reliable support played a crucial role in the success of the engagement. Through the collaboration, Zee achieved operational excellence, optimized their SAP systems, and positioned themselves for continued growth and success in the competitive media and entertainment industry