What is Future of AI in Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

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To say that artificial intelligence, or AI, has grown in popularity as a marketing tool over the last few years would be a serious understatement. In Salesforce’s sixth State of Marketing report, a whopping 84% of marketers reported using AI for marketing — up from 29% in 2018. These same marketers are also finding more ways to apply AI in their work and reported an average of seven use cases — up from six in 2018.

Many companies hesitate to use AI for marketing out of fear it may replace human jobs or become a barrier to connecting personal connections with their customers. But it can actually pave the way for more creative career experiences and a deeper understanding of who you’re serving.



This Event is for

  • This is an Educative Event so, this is for everyone!
  • Businesses who are using Salesforce.
  • Businesses who want to automate their Marketing Process.
  • All type of Industries.


Key Takeaways

  • Know How you can your automate your Marketing Operation & increase efficiency
  • Key Solutions For Marketing Automation.
  • Learn how your business can create or adopt scalable digital solution with BSC Global to capitalise your real time data in most efficient way possible.
  • How BSC Global’s solution will make implementation and integtation processes easy for partners.