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Life sciences companies make 45 percent of their tech investments in three analytics-related technologies

BSC Global offers comprehensive Life Sciences solutions that:

  • enhance customer experiences
  • boost operational efficiency
  • drive sales growth
  • automate tasks
  • integrate innovative technologies
  • ensure data security
  • promote sustainability.

Driven By Client Success

Optimizing Warehouse for Meril with BSC Global

Streamlining Warehouse Operations: SAP WM  Implementation and Support for Meril Lifesciences by BSC Global

Accelerators for


Supply Chain Visibility

  • SAP Batch
  • Release Hub for Life Sciences
  • SAP Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration

After Sales management

  • SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management
  • SAP EWM Automation
  • SAP Transport Management
  • SAP Logistics Execution


Cyber security protection

  • SAP CFO Analytics
  • Predictive analytics for Demand Plannings
  • Advance Analytics

Industry Cloud for Automotive

  • Accounts Payable Automation for Pharma
  • SAP Audit
  • SAP Banking integration

Continious Improvement and Support AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

Our SAP Support = Run SAP + Improvise

Improvise all the processes in system through the proprietary IDA methodology where we focus on stability along with the best practices to improvise and digitise any process in Automotive Industry .Our Team helps you to fix all the broken areas and give a new road-map in terms of process and technology.
Right director for adopting of new automation in digital roadmap.

Industry Trends.

Autonomous Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The development of autonomous vehicles and ADAS technologies continues to accelerate, with a focus on improving safety, convenience, and efficiency on the roads. Automakers are investing in sensors, AI algorithms, and connectivity to enable features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and self-parking capabilities.

Digital Retail and Online Sales

The automotive retail experience is undergoing digital transformation, with an increasing number of consumers preferring to research, customize, and purchase vehicles online. Automotive manufacturers and dealerships are investing in digital retail platforms, virtual showrooms, and online sales channels to meet consumer expectations and streamline the buying process.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

With the increasing connectivity of vehicles and the proliferation of in-car technologies, data privacy and cybersecurity have become top priorities for automotive companies. Automakers are implementing robust cybersecurity measures and data protection protocols to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate the risk of cyber threats and data breaches.

Supply Chain Resilience and Localization

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in global supply chains, prompting automotive companies to reassess their sourcing strategies and supply chain resilience. There is a growing emphasis on localization, nearshoring, and diversification of suppliers to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions.

Why Choose BSC GLOBAL for Life Science Industry?

BSC GLOBAL has expertise of working with 100 Year old Pharma and life science companies, around 5 solutions already to help improvise operations in SAP and delivered various automation and digital transformation engagements around the globe , BSC GLOBAL stands out with partners to give them the right digital road map in LIFE SCIENCE INDUSTRY

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Q1 . How is digitalization changing the automotive industry??

BSC has been helping companies to deliver end to end SAP EWM right from core process configuration to automation including RFID Solution, Barcode /QR Code solution for warehouse management with SAP EWM

Q2. How is digital marketing used in the automotive industry?

BSC has implemented BSC’s rapid deployment solution in SAP Extended Warehouse Management for customer in record time of 15 days.

Q3 . How will AI Change the Automotive Industry?

BSC has built a ready to deploy solution & along with Analytics & User experience apps in FIORI to create real value from the implementations.

Q4 . How to improve and track customer satisfaction in the automotive industry

The material flow system (MFS) enables you to connect up an automatic warehouse to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) without the need for an additional warehouse control unit.