Vendor Invoice Management

ivim- Future of Vendor Invoice Management.

iVIM, powered by AI capability for OCR , supports brands globally in reducing efforts in the management of vendor invoices.

SAP Security Audit Tool

Here is how SAP Security Audit Tool (SimpAudit) Helps you .

Data Security By BSC GlobalView in Real Time CRITICAL risks

BSC Global FingerprintNo external tool or technology involved


Cost Saving in compare with any other GRC tool for SAP.


Brands Secured already in SAP HANA , ECC and now RISE


Illegal transactions highlighted to management

SAP Operations By BSC GlobalNo Third party Sharing of data involved

Server Operations By BSC GlobalNo external license involved


Saving on license expenditure


Less implementation time


Cost Saving compare to any other GRC tool for SAP

what is ivim .

VIM stands for Invoice Management right from automating the collection of invoices from vendor. Offering an SAP-centric solution, VIM acts as an add-on to your SAP system. It also uses SAP technology such as ABAP and Workflow. VIM is also integrated with standard SAP functions such as Invoice Verification and Financial Processing. It also provides customers with process efficiency, visibility and compliance values. It optimises and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, monitoring and routing invoices documentation on all levels.

Better than other GRC Tools.

FeaturesSimpAuditSAP GRCOther Third Party GRC
Implementation TimeDaysCan be MonthsCan be Months
Is data fetched to Other SoftwareWithin your ERP system onlyOnly SAP landscapeExternal tool fetches data from Your SAP
IntegrationIts within SAP Integration is requiredIntegration is required
Cost of ImplementationLowestComparatively HighAverage
Cost of ImplementationLowestComparatively HighAverage

Real Time

This tool gives you real time insight of All critical risks in system

No External Tool

There is no external tool as its all set up in SAP system 


Data is fetched within your SAP system

End To End

No need to have separate developments done in SAP

FORTUNE 500 getting SOD view.

BSC Global’s SimpAudit hasrevolutionized Advance Enzym’scompliance management. Its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation,while robust risk management featuresenable proactive threat mitigation. Realtime critical risk detection and insightful analytics further streamline operations.With dedicated support, BSC Global ensures a smooth experience, making it an indispensable solution for Advance Enzymes governance and compliance needs.


Fast Deployment 

Find all illegal and Unauthorised system Usage

One tool for all Areas from SOD to System Level



SAP Security Audit Tool: SimpAudit has helped us to reduce our cost our efforts for auditing sap from security point of view and finding the segregation of duties is in place . This has helped us to find all the risk ids of system where there can be any miss use of system. This is real time and no manual interference is involved so we are happy and wish BSC GLOBAL a  great success

Master complexity, conquer risk

Elevate your governance game : Precision, protection, performance

Where control meets agility, where compliance breeds confidence

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Q1 . Can SAP Audit transactions be automated to be updated in SAP ?

Yes with Simp Audit you can have real time update of any authorisation transaction miss in system, it can be automated to give the alert for any risks which are arising in system

Q2.Do we need any hardware set up for simpAudit?

No , its not required as SimpAudit is addon for your SAP system