SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence helps to take an insight in data and help not only in decision making but allowing companies to predict and act as well. BSC Global helps customer in their Digital Transformation Journey with various tools of SAP Business Intelligence for on Premise and SAP Analytics Cloud. BSC Global started as SAP BI Company and has been delivered many projects around the world in SAP BI.

Covering end to end SAP BI Services right from Road Map designing for SAP BI, Implementation SAP BI, Upgrade of SAP BI and Migration of SAP BI from On-prem to Cloud options etc.

Covering all major technologies in SAP BI ranging from basic ETL with SAP Business Warehouse, reporting with SAP BI tools like webi , crystal to ML and Predictions with SAP Predictive Analytics. SAP HANA reporting for both operational and Strategic Analytics with various tools including SAP Embedded Analytics.

How our SAP BI Consultants help you with SAP Business Intelligence


Complete Set of Services Covered by our SAP Analytics Practice

CIO of Pharma Company…..

Real Knowledge in the team has helped us to regain our confidence in tools which we had lost in past

BSC Global offers the complete range of SAP BI Services in all major SAP BI tools which include –

Reporting-Crystal Reports,Web Intelligence,BI Platform,Mobile BI

Visualization and Dashboard
SAP Lumira, SAP BI Dashboards ,SAP Design Studio, Analysis for Office, Analysis for OLAP, Data Integration, BODS, Data Modelling Sybase IQ

Insight and Predict
Predictive Analytics,Predictive Modeler,SAP HANA Vora

Warehouse / ETL

SAP BI Adminitration
BSC has competance of Upgrade, supporting and enhancing , Security of SAP BI .Managing mutliple customers in this area we have a proven competence in this area.

BSC Global’s SAP Analytics Solution FOZEN is robust solution developed with complete set of KPI’s for ready to use for analysis by BSC Global.” This solution is based on traditional SAP ECC , S4 HANA and SOH We provide end to end solution for all the implementation of SAP Business intelligence solution with the best KPI’s of the industries to help you to analyze business in a better way


Fozen Solution of BSC has made implementations fast


More than 50 plus Successful Go Lives in SAP Analytics

Silicon Review Magazine has published BSC as one of the best companies in Analytics

ICMG has awarded our client in SAP Analytics Implementation

Fozen as SAP BI Solution has turned to be the fastest ready to use SAP BI Solutions

AWS has published that our implementation along with AWS Cloud solution has helped to improve 70% reporting performance

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful implementations across the globe in SAP Business Intelligence for traditional SAP Systems and modern SAP BI HANA system.

Proven Competance

Multiple Awards and Recognition

Why Choose BSC Global for SAP Business Intelligence

Happy Clients

BSC has many happy clients across the world….


More Timely Information

BSC has always focused to help customers to achieve 40% more timely information with the SAP BI Implementations. Covering various ready to use SAP BI dashboards in Finance and other modules , BSC has ensured that customer are able to get 40% more timely information in easy to access options in mobile and user interfaces in various SAP BI Solutions.


Cost Reduction

Every SAP BI implementation may start with an assessment and understanding workshops but with BSC’s Solutions .BSC brings its own templates and solutions for SAP HANA and SAP BI systems which are already built for various industries and help customers to take first baby step towards SAP BI reporting. Hence helping customer to reduce time of implementation . Almost 60% cost reduction has already been achieved for customers .


Immediate Return of Investment

Having deployed solutions customer have achieved more than 300 percent return for their investments within few months of implementation. Modernising supply chain monitoring, giving birds eye view to CFO team , Improving turn around times , saving material inventory ageing before it gets expired and many more areas…

SAP Business Intelligence Migration FAQS- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q1 . What are different types of SAP BI Tools?

There are various SAP BI tools which include SAP Web intelligence, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboard, SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira, SAP BODS etc.

Q2. SAP BI 4.3 , How is BSC aligned with the new version

BSC has been aligning the competence in SAP BI 4.3 to deliver the best in upcoming versions

Q3 . What all ares does BSC work in SAP BI Security?

BSC Works in all major areas of SAP BI Security , right from Server security, Role based security , authorization matrix development, Backup and recovery etc.

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