Simplified User Experience in SAP

From being among the 1st one to Implement SAP User experience in Indian market to delivering the high rated solutions ,BSC Global has ensured that clients gets real value out of User experience Projects of SAP Fiori and SAP Personas. We extend standard SAP FIORI Apps, We build New SAP FIORI Apps, We enhance SAP FIORI Applications, We deliver our 50 plus Solutions in SAP FIORI, We digitize modern Warehouses with our SAP FIORI Apps for Scanning and automation of Inward and Outward movements, We fast track the sales process with one place access for sales team for customer management system, We build CRM on SAP FIORI and we modernize the legacy SAP portals with mobile apps based on SAP FIORI. We help to analyse the real time data in SAP FIORI Dashboards and we deliver all custom requirements in SAP FIORI System

SAP Fiori Service

Quick Approvals

Simplified Data Entry

Embedded Analytics

Real Time Information

Covering end to end SAP FIORI Services right from Road Map designing for User experience and digitization. We deliver SAP FIORI Implementation, Upgrade of SAP FIORI Systems , Enhancement of Standard SAP FIORI Apps, new solutions around 50 BSC’s Propritory solution in SAP FIORI.

We deliver SAP FIORI services under three areas of Innovate, Realize and Analyse

How our SAP FIORI Services and Solutions Can help You?


Operations and Data Entry

Simplify data entry and approvals in company through various simple interfaces through SAP Standard and BSC’s Custom ready to deploy SAP Fiori Apps . We at BSC have made various SAP Fiori Solutions which will ease and automate and mobilize the various approvals in Sales , Procurement , Quality , Finance , Capex , Opex and other area.

Bringing value to various business process including procure to pay, Warehouse management, CRM , Sales and other modules, BSC has helped with simplified SAP FIORI Architecture designing , and development to help in automating few activities which were done manually in past by customer. This has not only automated but helped to improve turn around time.


All Major Business Processes


Many Successful Go Lives

#AB82FFDelivering more than 100 Ready to use dashboards in SAP FIORI for operational analytics in SAP Fiori Implementation, BSC adds value to real time operational analytics and Predictions on SAP HANA through SAP Embedded Analytics and SAP design Studio in SAP FIORI. Sales Analysis , Purchase Analysis, CFO Analytics , Forex Analysis , Inventory Ageing Analysis , Production Analysis and Many more….

With a proven competence of delivering finest and successful implementations across the globe in SAP Warehouse Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management for traditional SAP Systems and modern SAP HANA system at BSC we try to deliver the best


Analyzing All Major KPI’s for Operational Analytics

Happy Clients

BSC has many happy clients across the world….

Why Choose Global BSC for SAP Fiori Implementation and Development?


Company to Implement SAP FIORI

BSC Global has been among the number one company for SAP FIORI Implementation and configurations in Indian market. With a strong competence of making the extensions and enhancements of SAP FIORI , BSC Global has been proving the competence by delivering some of the finest implementation in SAP FIORI.

5 star

Rating in All Major Portals including Google Play Store

BSC Global has simplified the SAP FIORI app implementation and configuration and delivered the apps which have got the 5 star ratings in various portals including the Google play store.


Successful Apps Delivered In UX

Have a strong steam which has delivered more than 980 Apps in SAP FIORI Implementations across world in various domains of business. Helping customers to take the real value of SAP HANA systems , BSC has been striving hard to deliver the best.

Award Winning Solutions

FIORI Solution for Sales by Globalbsc

Empower All Sales Transactions with our SAP FIORI Solution for Sales

Subodh-se  is a ready to deploy solution made by BSC where we have made a channel partner management system in SAP FIORI to help company Sales employee/Channel Partner to run their functions irrespective of device – Mobile/ Desktop/ Ipads etc.

Analyze and Predict Your SAP HANA Data with our SAP FIORI Solution

Covering more than 100 Ready to use dashboards for various business segments , BSC adds value to your real time operational analytics and Predictions on SAP HANA . Sales Analysis , Purchase Analysis, CFO Analytics , Forex Analysis , Inventory Ageing Analysis , Production Analysis and Many more….

Analyze and Predict with FIORI Solution by Globalbsc
A Robust CRM Made on FIORI

A Robust CRM Made on FIORI

A robust solution developed with complete set transaction to cover Customer Master data,Demographic Details,Follow Ups, Reporting for Sales team for new Customer Acquisition for Cold calling or Customer Visits


Q1 . Can SAP FIORI be implemented in same SAP erp server or seperate server ?

Depending on the version of SAP it can be decided whether you can build fiori in same box or you will need a seperate server for the same.

Q2. What is time line for SAP FIORI Implementation?

BSC has implemented BSC’s rapid deployment apps for operations and analytsis which can be implemented in a weeks time.

Q3 . How can BSC leverage the SAP HANA with FIORI?

BSC has built a ready to deploy solution which also includes Analytics and User experience apps in FIORI to create real value from the implementations.

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