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Automate Modernise and Simplify with our go digital solution of Digital Transformation

BSC Global has understanding of various business needs and processes which should be modernised and digitally transformed. A digital Transformation of BSC Global is Aiming to simplify things and focused in delivering optimised solutions in various technologies including AI, Cloud ,User Experience Mobility , advance Analytics , Robotics and IOT to help customer in their journey towards digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Simplified .

World Renowned Brands Trust us for Digital Transformation.

  • Many 100 Year Old brands Trust BSC Global for Digital Transformation
  • Largest Health Care Company got its Warehouses Digitalized by BSC
  • Largest Ice-cream maker in world Trusts BSC for Digital Transformation,
  • Largest Engineering Brand Gets Supply Chain Digitalised us ,
  • Largest Bike Making Company in India has trusted BSC Global in UX digital transformation

We help you to go-DIGITAL.

Intelligent Enterprise powered by our Go-DigitalSolution.

Digital Transform your Supply Chain WM and TM

SAP receivable and payable data with direct triggers in SAP

Digital Transform Customer Experience and Engagement

Optimise cost of migrations with reduced efforts for code optimisations and Planning

Digital Transform employee Engagements

Find how we have simplified SOD and other authorisation checks directly in SAP

Digitally Transform the supplier interactions

One of the most accepted ready to deploy solutions in SAP Analytics for CFO analytics


We pilot Your Journey to Digital Transformation.


We help you to simplify your DiGITAL TRANSFORMATION Journey Focused on simplification, harmonisation and re evaluating your processes against the Industry best Practices


Clear Understanding

We have helped companies to assess and understand the transition patch. When we help  we ensure that you get the best out SAP S/4 HANA cloud by knowing before hand the benefit of SAP’s intelligent suite to your business .Walk Through workshop—>Fit to Standard-road Map


Clear Approach

BSC Global’s in depth knowledge of SAP and Public Cloud Solutions . We help to implement the right plan for any component which may include

SAP Activate

SAP Central Business Configuration

S/4 HANA cloud Public



Proper Execution

Map with our standard solution and help to implement the best practices for a real DIGITAL ENTERPRISE


Continuous Value

Managed Services for SAP RISE around all major areas are there and we have been creating value for our customers through managed Service

We are One stop for All Digital Technologies.


Our robotic process automation services in SAP RPA, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere

Artificial Intelligence

 SAP AI Business services right from working with various open source technologies of AI to SAP Conversation AI tools

Machine Learning and Predictions

Built scientific algorithms from Data Mining, predictive modelling and machine learning which analyses takes in consideration b

Cloud based Technology

One of the most accepted ready to deploy solutions in SAP migration to Cloud and other applications

IOT Solution

Our IOT services help right strategy by identifying your enterprise’s IoT readiness and determining the most effective way to collect, analyze and connect with data

Mobile Tech

From being among the 1st one to Implement SAP User experience in Indian market to delivering the high rated solutions we deliver best User Experiences

Big Data

One of the most accepted ready to deploy solutions in SAP Analytics for CFO analytics

finest solutions in Digital Transformation.


Improved Analytics and digital transformation

We have helped companies to improve reporting performance upto 70% using our Embedded Analytics solution. When we help you with  we ensure that you get the best out those HANA migrations with real time analytics powered by various tools.


Uptime -All your GST needs

BGST is a one integrated solution which comprises of GST E invoicing and E way billing compliance approach for GST Returns, validation and data checks.With a proven track record of handling multiple customers across India, BSC has worked efficiently with 100 percent up time for customer in terms of their GST ASP Needs. BGST has enables users to meet GST compliance of all category of business like regular dealer, ISD, tax deductor, E-commerce operator, Non-residents.  Read More


Go PAPERLESS and GO DIGITAL with this simplify solution

Paper in plants .Get the Digital Signature of SAP Documents done in a simplified way with an easy to deploy solution. We can sign and validate business critical documents in a phase when we are already going more and more digital.


Improved Pickign and Packing Time

SimpCore is a BSC Global propriety solution which has been designed to help customers running SAP to digitize and automate there warehouse management to optimize your cost of moving to modernized digital world .It helps you to take the best from your data. Read More

Why Choose BSC Global for Digital Transformation Services?

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise

HERO GROUP : Gets the Plant Maintenance Digitised with BSC Solutions

Meril Life Science :Supply Chain is modernised with automation and warehouse solutions of BSC

Largest Pharma Company Predictions of data is helping one of the largest Pharma Company to find dose patterns

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Modernise Your Supply Chain Management

SimpCore is a propriety solution which has been designed to help customers running on SAP to digitize and automate there warehouse management .Optimize the movement of Products and materials efficiently and quickly using Digital Supply Chain ranging from inbound , storage and outward process .


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